The Pros and Cons of Solo PR

With almost everything in life, it takes practice and experience before you can be successful on your own. This is especially true with the profession of Public Relations. In order to become a PR expert it’s vital to make connections in person and through digital platforms. Being well connected will aid in all aspects of becoming successful in PR, but more particularly in your search for clients. Connections will also be useful when you can’t provide all the tools your client may need, this way you can refer them to an excellent and reliable person who can get the job done.

Going solo in PR is generally more successful when you have a bit of experience under your belt.  According to Claire Celsi from the Public Relations Princess blog “Hard work is not a substitute for experience. As a senior PR counselor, people pay me for my expert opinion. If you haven’t got experience, a solo practice is not the route to go” Going solo can also have some downsides such as there is a lack of human interaction, if you don’t have a client that day then you might not see another person all day. Taking the incentive to make a coffee date or lunch meeting with friends or co-workers can alter this issue.

Although, when the time comes and you are ready to go solo in PR, the perks can be endless. Let us be reminded of a few, you can be your own boss and in my opinion not much beats the benefits of being your own boss. First of all you can determine your own schedule depending on what works best for you. Another benefit of going solo is you’re able to say no to clients you don’t want to take on. Another huge perk of going solo in PR is creative freedom “Maybe one of the biggest reasons I love this lifestyle. I love the complete freedom (and pressure, mind you) to problem solve on your own. To find creative solutions to client (and business) issues” (Hanson, 2011).  Overall, it’s important to understand what it takes before going solo in PR as well as the cons and the pros of the solo PR life before diving in head first.

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