Career Aspirations in PR

 My career aspirations have drastically changed over time, which tends to be the case with almost everyone these days.  From graduating high school with plans to become a special education teacher to then changing my major to dietetics my sophomore year, to now deciding on communications, which seems to be my best fit so far, finally! I can attest to how easy it is to feel like a failure when time after time you can’t decide on what seems to be the most important decision of you’re entire life, your career. But reassuring words from witty mother tend to ring in my ears “I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up” who mind you, is a few months away from retiring. She’s always taught me that its okay to not have it all quite figured out yet. What is most important is that you work you butt off and follow your passions and put your happiness before anything else when choosing a career. I have passions for a wide range of things and I believe if I work hard enough I can turn any passion into my career.

Before entering this classroom I had a very vague idea of what public relations consisted of, when attempting to understand what career might suit me best I sat down with someone in marketing, PR and a few other fields. I can distinctly remember what the woman working in PR had told me about her job and what stood out most to me was how the job was incredibly fun, exciting but very stressful. She claimed she generally doesn’t going to sleep until at least 1am and is often awake at 5am. She made it seem like the work never really ended and it was nearly impossible to catch up. I’m going to be honest and say that a career in Public Relations after that coffee date didn’t seem so appealing. But I’m pleased to say with nearly two weeks left of this course I have changed my mind about a career in PR. I’ve found that I can use my creativity to implement new and improved ideas. Although PR can be stressful it can also be exciting and intense which is something I desire in a future career to keep me interested. In the end I’m not sure where exactly where I’ll end up but in any career it is always helpful to understand other positions you are working with. Overall I feel as if I am leaving this course more prepared and equipped with “real life” experience. 


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