As the semester comes to an end I find myself reflecting on my classes of the semester. When evaluating each class I look at what I enjoyed about the class as well as what I didn’t enjoy. I also look at what I would have done differently as a student as well as what I would have liked the professor to do differently.

When I reflect on this class there are many aspects that I enjoyed and a few aspects I did not. This class was different than any other class I have taken so far. Although many times I felt as if I was not given enough direction I realized as the semester came to an end that I was actually learning how to “learn”. Surprisingly many of my other classes had not required this of me. I may have felt frustrated and upset at the time but I can look back now and thank my professor for helping me practice a very essential life skill. I also enjoyed the many speakers that spoke during our classes; this gave us insight to the “real world” and what the profession actually consisted of. It was also easy to pay attention and absorb the information when a new face was speaking in the class. Another aspect of this class I enjoyed and really appreciated were the events we were able to attend. The Aim West event was really interesting to listen to and was very eye opening. The Hub Mixer was also a very beneficial event because it allowed to me to connect with a lot of different people in the fields I am interested it. It was uplifting to hear about their success stories as well as the failures that they made a long the way. My confidence in approaching people and starting conversation also increased from the events we were able to attend. Another aspect of this class that I enjoyed was that the information given to me wasn’t something that was expected to be memorize and “Regurgitated” but instead I expected to use the information to construct a plan book. This type of teaching and learning style is the most successful for me because I learn the best when I can apply the information taught to me to the final product, in this case the plan book. I will retain the information better and also I will be able to replicate what I’ve learned in the future when I learn this way.

A few aspects of the class that I did not enjoy were that it was only once a week; this is not the professor’s fault obviously. Many times I would feel as if I had a grasp on the assignments and what was expected until I got home and started working on the project, I found that many questions would arise that I would either have to wait until next class or ask through email. It would have been beneficial to have the class twice a week so I could have time to ask questions.

As a student a few things I wish I had done differently are the following. First If I were to take the class over I would start whatever assignment or project immediately after the class because then it would be “fresh” in my brain. I would also make a point to look ahead at the syllabus and project descriptions so that I could have questions ready at each class period. I would also make sure to stay on top of or even ahead of my workload because procrastinating or getting behind in this class is very problematic. I would also have made more time to connect with my mentor from the Hub Mixer and take time to go to more events outside of class.

Overall, this class seemed like it was going to be a lot of work and stress. Which it was, but it was also rewarding, enjoyable and fascinating. For the first time leaving a college class I feel as if I have received “real world” experience. The many things I learned and all of the hard work I put into this class is something that I will take and use in my future career. Having a professor that I was slightly intimidated of but I also respected immensely was a new dynamic that I have had yet to experience in my college career. I also feel like I’d actually want to get a hold of my professor after the class is over for advice is monumental. I would recommend this class to anyone but I would give it with a warning hard work and active learning is required.   🙂


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