About Me

405139_10152256287140648_1757853460_nMy name is Claire Johnson. I reside in the state shaped like a mitten, more specifically the city of Grand Rapids.  I am currently a student studying Communications at Grand Valley State University.  I work as a nanny to a family with seven children under the age of seven, yes, seven. Also as a barista at an Organic Juice bar called SIP.

I have aspirations to do many things in life. Professionally I would like to work for a company that is aligned with my interests, values and passions.  I would love to be in charge of social media, communications and work as a creative consultant.  As I continue my education, I would like to have a personal travel and food blog.

As a personal hobby I’ve enjoyed following multiple bloggers and using many social media sites for my own personal use.  With this experience I am a step ahead and could bring a different perspective to companies in the social media realm.

A few of my other personal hobbies include taking photos of anything and everything… especially of my travels and  experimental vegan/health-nut foods. Follow along on my instagram

I love to travel anywhere and everywhere. I love spontaneous trips because I feel the most sense of adventure when I have no agenda. I’m the obscure person who gets butterflies in her stomach when its still snowing in April because any chance I can get to snowboard I take full advantage of… on the contrary hot yoga keeps me sane.

I have always seen the world a little differently.  I am not crafty or “artsy” in the most general way… I’m not particularly skilled at drawing or painting. But I believe creative expression can be expressed in many unexpected ways. I love to take photos, make beautiful meals and put together a fashion forward outfit, my eclectic taste and sense of design appears in almost all aspects of my life.

I consider myself to be an extrovert because I enjoy being around people. I thrive off of the energy of others and I work best in groups. I believe my people skills are one of my greatest strengths. Stick around and lets get to know each-other!

Connect with me!


Email- Johnclai@mail.gvsu.edu


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